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Terms and Conditions

  • NoviLeague Competition Terms & Conditions

    LOGFLEX LIMITED, located at 1 Kings Avenue, Winchmore Hill, London N21 3NA, in the United Kingdom, legally licensed through Novigroup Limited’s company license from the UKGC (license number 000-039440-R-319360-025) and LOGFLEX MT LIMITED, Reg. No. C 77772, with registered address 170, Pater House, Level 1 (Suite A190), Psaila Street, Birkirkara, BKR 9077, located in Malta, that is licensed and audited by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) having the license number MGA/CRP/186/2010, that was issued on the 5th of July 2019, conduct a promotional campaign in the form of a competition (”Competition”) named “Competition: NoviLeague”.
  • Competition Period (13.02-18.04.2021)

    The Competition starts on Saturday 13th of February and ends on Sunday 18th of April. All registered players have the chance to win free bet prizes daily and cash prizes when they reach one of the correct answers milestones (10, 15 or 20 correct predictions in total). NoviLeague competition schedule comprises of 50 questions that will be published within a period of 60 days, due to the fact that some days will have no football events and thus no question in that particular days. In that case, there will be a prompt post regarding the next match no later than 12:00 PM the day after the previous question.
  • Participation

    In order to participate you must be a registered user in In order to use your prize your account must by KYC verified. Each player can make his prediction through the form available at and claim £1 free bet for every day’s correct prediction. You must be logged in with your personal credentials (username & password) of your Novibet account, in order to have access and take part in the Competition.
  • Competition’s Stages

    1. DAILY PRIZE Predict the correct score of the match that you will find available at Novibet’s form and win £1 free bet. 2. 10 CORRECT PREDICTIONS Get 10 correct answers cumulatively and get £50 cash. Each player that will predict 10 of the 50 scores within NoviLeague’s period will receive £50 withdrawable cash in his account. 3. 15 CORRECT PREDICTIONS Get 15 correct answers cumulatively and get £50 cash. Each player that will predict 15 of the 50 scores within NoviLeague’s period will receive £500 withdrawable cash in his account. 4a. BIG PRIZE The player that will have reached the required number of correct predictions (20 or more out of 50 matches) at the end of the competition, (Sunday 18th of April), will receive the withdrawable cash prize of £500,000. If more than one participants manage to get 20 or more correct predictions, they will get an equal share of the big prize of £500,000. All participants will be classified in a leaderboard according to the number of correct predictions they have. All participants that get in 2nd place by predicting less than 20 correct scores will receive an equal share of 2nd place prize (£50,000). In the same way all participants that reach 3rd place in the correct predictions classification will be shared the cash prize of £5,000. 4b. In case that there is not any player that reaches 20 correct predictions, then the 1st place participants (those having the most correct predictions but under 20 in total) will share the prize of £50,000 equally. Those getting in 2nd place (under the £50,000 winners) will share the amount of £5.000.
  • Competition’s Prizes

    For every correct prediction, the reward is £1 free bet. Each player that reaches the total of 10 correct answers receives the amount of £50 and when he/she reaches 15 correct predictions he/she gets the amount of £500. The big prize for those managing to get 20 or more correct predictions within the period of the Competition (Saturday 13th of February - Sunday 18th of April) is a cash prizepool of £500,000. If the first on the leaderboard share the big prize by getting 20+ correct predictions, those that come 2nd will share the amount of £50,000. The big prize that the first on the leaderboard players will share, will be £50,000 if they end the competition with less than 20 correct predictions. In that case, the 2nd place prize will be £5,000, and those that finish in 2nd place will share it. Daily prize winners (£1 free bet) will be credited at their account within 24 hours. 10 & 15 correct answers prizes (£50 & £500 respectively) will be credited on the participants’ accounts within 24 hours. The big prize of £500.000 will be given to the player(s) that will reach the 20+ correct predictions within Saturday 13th of February - Sunday 18th of April 2021.
  • Leaderboard

    At any time of the Competition, players will be able to be informed for their progress through the leaderboard, so that they will know the exact number of their correct answers at any time. The leaderboard will be a classification of the participants according to the sum of their correct predictions throughout the Competition period.
  • Winners Announcement

    All winners of the daily and big prizes will be announced by their Novibet account username at the Competition’s web page in the “Winners NoviLeague Competition” section.
  • Eligibility

    Eligible for participation in the Competition are only players that are 18 years old or older and are registered at Ν In order to claim their prizes, winners will be asked to provide Novibet with their phone number, e-mail and ID for verification. Big prize winner(s) must consent in providing their unique customer ID, full name, contact details and a copy of their ID to the partner of Logflex, insurance company PIMS-SCA Limited to confirm the validity of the win. Moreover, they will have to sign a written statement. In case a winner refuses to provide the aforementioned data or sign the written statement, he/she automatically forfeits from claiming the prize.
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